News Release – January 2019

Hard work finally pays off for Small Manchester Business as it goes Global in fight to reduce Single Use Plastic

After years of slow growth the persiverance of Peter Reynolds from to rid the world of Single Use Plastic Cups and replacing the with Re-useable Festival Cups is finally paying off.

“I started my business 8 years ago after becoming so disheartened with the amount of waste produced by single use cups. Until last year business was really slow, people didn’t really get the concept. Now, with the increased focus in the media on reducing disposable single-use plastics my turnover is set to grow from £25k to £500k. In addition we have just supplied our first global order – from Kenya!”

Beneath the Baobabs

The Kilifi New Year event took a great step forward improving their sustainability along the beautiful Kenyan coast leading the fight on plastic waste by using innovative reusable cups supplied from

Lead organizer of says “we have always been aware of the amount of waste that a large event can produce and have tried to limit this. It seemed a very logical choice to only use reusable cups on our bars and backstage. People love having an official cup for their drink and we often get people bringing along cups from previous years! They also cut down on the sales of water bottles because we have drinking water available across the site and people just fill up their reusable cups. They have eliminated what could have been a huge amount of plastic waste from our event.”

The safari like journey for the cups was certainly worth it for this increasingly popular celebration of brighter future and beginnings.

Celebrating the sustainable living of communities within Kilifi, East Africa, and the rest of the world – with thoughts this year particularly around Sudan, the last living male Northern White Rhino.

The species will be soon extinct unless scientific intervention can come to the rescue. Kenya Wildlife Service are working hard with recognized partners with an innovative procedure to use the female Southern White Rhinos as surrogates for the Northern Rhino semen and eggs.


Media enquiries about or more information on this story please contact Peter Reynolds at or call 00447925090531

Festival Cups Africa

Festival Cups Africa


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