Is there any way to see how my artwork would look on a cup?

We cannot create individually printed cups but can create a print proof on the 2D template known as a print proof before any actual cups are produced, this is then sent to you for approval before production can commence.

For very large orders over 10,000 units we can create a 3D on screen visual.

The design team advise us if artwork requires improving/amending and we will work with you to ensure as a team we overcome and issues and make the cups as great as possible.

What does IML stand for?

In-mould labelling (IML) is the use of plastic labels during the manufacturing of our cups by injection molding. The label serves as the integral part of the final branded cups, which is then delivered to you as a pre-decorated item.
Electrostatic charging electrodes charge our labels while they are transferred to the moulding machine, then when the label is placed on the tool and released by the labelling robot, it will wrap itself around the cup mould and forms your branded cups.

What file type do you need for the artwork?

Acceptable File Types: PNG with no background, Ai, EPS, PDF, PSD or high resolution JPEG

It’s best to get the files in the highest possible quality as Graphics often need to image trace them – so the larger the better.

Please avoid any sort of word documents being sent (e.g. Microsoft Word, Notepad)

Photographs do not print well unless IML printing is chosen

What measurements should the artwork be?

The printed area available for each printing style is as follows:

IML: Pint W: 226mm x H: 160mm; Half Pint W: 196mm x H 113mm
SCREEN : Pint W: 220mm x H: 118mm; Half Pint W: 185mm x H: 90mm
DIGITAL : Pint W: 227mm x H: 140mm; Half Pint W: 201mm x H: 110mm

Note, only IML provides full base to brim wrap around coverage.

CE Mark Pint Glasses

Do my glasses need to be CE marked?

It is a requirement of European Legislation to have your festival glass stamped with the CE mark (government stamp), for any glasses that are being used in licensed establishments, such as bars, pubs, restaurants, beer festivals etc. This ensures that you are serving the correct measured amount and complies with laws on the service of alcohol.

The CE measurement mark can be to the brim or a line marked on the cup. The ‘M15’ states the year in which the CE mark was applied, for example at the time of writing this we are now on ‘M19’ for 2019. The 4 digit number is the registration number for the government body that verified the CE marking.

If you are using your glass as a measuring tool for serving alcohol (beers/ cider/ lager) you need a CE mark. If you are using the product at home or using an alternative measurement tool (that’s approved) then the glass doesn’t need a CE mark.

If you do not comply with the requirements as detailed in Regulations and Orders made under the Weights and Measures Act 1985 and the Licensing Act 2003 at your festival or event this could result in equipment being forfeited and prosecution. On conviction the courts may impose a fine of up to £2000. Breaches of licence conditions can lead to a licence review and revocation as well as a fine of up to £20,000.

Generally speaking if you are selling alcohol within the EU at a licensed festival event or stadium your cups need to be CE marked.



Cup Rental

How does Renting Cups work?

It’s very simple, we deliver your required number of cups. The cup usage is taken care of by yourselves during the event(s) and we take care of the post-event collection and cleaning of cups.
Minimum order of cups to be rented is usually 2,000 units.

Delivery and Lead Time Information

Delivery and Technical Fee’s (ours are FREE* on our Printed Festival Cups & Glasses )

We offer no-nonsense prices. All of our prices include free delivery to most parts of the UK and include free Technical Fees. If you are outside of our free delivery area we will contact you within 24 hours of placing your order at which point you are welcome to cancel it and we will offer a full refund.

We also deliver to the EU and the rest of the world. If you would like a quotation please contact us. 

Lead Times?

Artwork approval until delivery:

  • Single colour 4 – 10 working days
  • Full colour Digital printing, 15-25 working days.
  • Full colour HD IML (in mould label) printing, 20 – 40 working days.
Why is our order turnaround not quicker?

Dispatch and delivery depends on the current volume of orders already in the production queue. Our lead times are for guaranteed delivery by that date, but they may be delivered a lot quicker depending on the aforementioned.

We are continuously working behind the scenes to streamline processes getting the cups turned around and delivered in record breaking times.

If your previous order was another time of year or a different style of printing (digital or one colour silkscreen lead time 1 – 4 weeks) then it can be produced a lot quicker than IML (lead time of 6-8 weeks).

Will I be able to track my order?

We provide an advised delivery date for every order. Our courier partner will then be in contact to advise of delivery either with a phone call or tracking link.

Deposit System

How do I incorporate the deposit system at my event?

It’s very simple. Once you determine a deposit value, this is charged with every new reusable cup staff serve to a customer. Then, any cups returned are given their deposit back. We have helpful posters to assist so please contact us and we’ll gladly send copies for you to use.


Discounts for charity/students?

Unfortunately, we are unable to apply a discount to orders as it causes us lots of issues. Firstly, we like to operate on a transparent basis displaying our prices openly to all our clients and treating them equally. The other thing is that we do not actually supply products or services that qualify for zero vat rating for charities.
We support charities throughout the year and take great pride in our ongoing work with One Tree Planted, we can only do this with your support so thanks in advance.

Minimum Order Quantities

Minimum Order Quantities

Single colour printing: 100 pints and 100 half-pints cups.

Full colour digital printing: 100 pints and 100 half-pints.

Full colour high definition IML printing: 1,200 pints and 1,000 half-pints.

Order Process

What is the Order Process?

Quote: Let us know the order requirements (quantities, delivery address and deadline, as well as branding) and we send all the useful and relevant information. From order confirmation the cups may take 4 – 30 working days to be produced and delivered, depending on the printing style chosen.

Print Proof: You provide the artwork as an email attachment and we then create a Print Proof to be printed on to the cups. 

Production: Once you approve the Print Proof (order confirmed) we move on to production and send you an invoice.

Payment: Via BACS (bank transfer) and the details are included in the Invoice.

Delivery: The cups are then sent to your delivery address. 


What are your payment terms?

We accept BACS (bank transfer) and payment is required upon invoice receipt (all details are provided on the invoice) as the products are bespoke printed.
Please note delayed payment may delay delivery unless pre-arranged in advance.
If BACS is not an option, we do accept payment via cheque to Branded Cups Ltd. or Happy Cups.
Unfortunately, we are unable to take card payment over the phone.


Can I get a free sample cup?

Yes you can, click the “Order a sample” button on the homepage, fill in the form and one will be sent you in the post.

Please note it will be “one we made earlier” rather than a cup featuring your own design.

How long will my free sample take?

We try to send out a sample cup as soon as possible but it can depend on stock availability. It should arrive within 2-5 working days. Please don’t allow the waiting for your free sample to hold up your order if you are working with a tight time scale. If you have waited for a while and still not received one please contact us again, we do not send them recorded delivery as isn’t feasible.

What type of sample will I receive?

The samples we send free of charge are a either a single pint cup or half pint cup, or a pair of cups if required. We send samples to illustrate our cup and printing quality first hand, please don’t assume your order will be an exact match because it’ll depend on the printing option you choose and what samples we have in stock at that time.


Do Happy Cups offer on-site washing?

Currently we collect the dirty cups to be washed at our purpose built facilities where we can work with better hygiene standards and operate sustainable machinery to reduce the overall carbon footprint. We are constantly monitoring the quality of on-site washing machines but so far, unfortunately there’s nothing on the market that makes this a more sustainable solution in our minds.

Do Happy Cups wash the cups?

Yes we offer a washing service for your cups post event. It’s good to organise this in advance in case we are very busy and important to get them washed as soon after use to ensure they are clean and dry for the next event. Due to transport costs we usually only offer this service for larger volumes of cups, please contact us if you would like a quote.

How many times can the cups be washed?

All our cups are high quality and built to last, meaning they can be washed hundreds of times.

They are dishwasher friendly and perfectly fine in regular dishwashers on standard settings.

IML labelled cups will not fade although over a long period of time this may occur a little with the digital or screen printed cups as you might expect.

Other Questions or a Quote?

e-mail us @

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