Office Milk Deliveries

Not only are we continuing to enjoy our amazing fruit delivered straight to our office from but we now have our office milk delivered to our Manchester office as well from the sister business The best thing is its all consolidated onto one monthly invoice which saves the admin time. 

Our new milk delivery is in glass bottles which we think are a better alternative to the poly milk bottles however the evidence is not conclusive as to which is best. We are still researching which is best as whilst we are against the single use plastic as a business glass uses a huge amount of energy to manufacture and is expensive to transport in terms of its weight. It feels better though. Just like the good old days! We will let you know our decision but for now its glass milk bottles!







Office Healthy Snack Deliveries also sent us a free sample of a healthy office snack box. It was awesome, it contained lots of energy busting good for your snacks from Jerky to Veggie Crisps. We have now put one on a weekly order! 

One invoice 

All on one invoice. The best thing is, as well as the tastiest office fruit and the fresh milk delivered to our office each week we get just one invoice for the lot!

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