News Release – January 2019 – Coffee Cups

Robus, an Irish owned company, have a global presence and a reputation worldwide for first class
customer service and products, this year they decided to move towards a more sustainable
approach with their head office coffee drinking. They implemented the reusable Americano coffee
cups for their events to help drive the fight on plastic waste by using Happycups whom supply innovative reusable, printed coffee cups.

On behalf of the global group, Dylan Bryne arranged the order of the cups and created several designs to meet the
needs of his organization. Following the initial delivery of the cups, he said “I was off sick yesterday and came into these this morning and you have cheered me right up!” They look amazing and management are very happy with them too. I must commend you for your accountability and help throughout the process you have been brilliant. Personally, and collectively we will be sure to working with you again in the future.”

The award-winning organization is one of several across the Irish channel in the Emerald Isle to implement reusable coffee cups. A recent upsurge in green thinking to match the countries’ green image and colour has also lead to the announcement that Croke Park will be banning single use plastic.

Robus Save Energy

Robus are an innovative group who save energy with their investment and research into energy saving lighting. They proudly sponsor Irish sports stars including the late William Dunlop’s Yamaha Superbike as well as professional golfer Neil O’Briain, winner of the PGA Irish Club Professional Championship.

They are using the coffee cups around the office where the screw top spill proof lids have no doubt saved a few headaches in the IT department from coffee drowned laptops. Staff are able to take their drinks on the move and into client meetings, highlighting the Robus brand and it’s trustworthy reputation with catchy slogans included in the design.

Re-useable Coffee Cups

The re-useable coffee cups are supplied by, Peter Reynolds, MD said “I started the business 8 years ago after becoming so disheartened with the amount of waste produced by single use cups. The first few years were slow, people didn’t really get the concept or were put off by the price being more than single use alternatives. Now, with the increased focus in the media, both in the UK and globally, on reducing disposable single-use cups and having a greater conscience regarding our carbon footprint and protecting the oceans things are looking much more positive. We are confident that 2019 will be our busiest year yet and we will save tons of waste from becoming landfill.” estimates that more than 100 billion single-use cups go into landfill across the world each year, the Great Pacific garbage patch sized wasteland is currently twice the size of Texas and growing.

If you think you’d like some reusable branded coffee cups for your company or organization
please get in touch via phone or email and Happycups will be happy to help.

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