Office Fruit Delivery

Here at Happycups we have been lucky enough to receive a weekly delivery of office fruit delivered to us. It isn’t something that we had previously considered. We love it and definitely feel healthier for it and is a welcome change for fighting over the last chocolate in the office. Now we fight over the last Banana.

It’s really good idea to have the fruit delivered directly to our office, prior to this we had to go out to the shops every week for a top up & if it was raining we didn’t bother.

Pete eating an apple from eat

Pete “the cup man” eating an apple from

Every week now we get a selection of fruitful goodies delivered directly to the office, we cannot wait for the next fruit delivery next week. It’s becoming a real talking point in the office. Our delivery includes Bananas, Apples, Pears and our favourite Grapes. We were not sure how much fruit to order to ensure that we didn’t have too much and they helped us with estimating this. They said use around 2-3 pieces of fruit per a week per an employee as a guide.

Just like us with our environmentally friendly festival and coffee cups these guys are eco-friendly too. Each week the delivery comes in a re-usable crate, so no wastage or hassle or excess plastic.

They asked us to share the word, its a pleasure. Thanks to the team at eatfruit, great service. Keep it up!

Office Fruit Delivery

Office Fruit Delivery

If you would like a delivery of fruit to your office also then just drop them a line at In addition to this they also deliver office milk, healthy snacks & flowers. We haven’t had the flowers yet but can’t wait! The milk is available via or

Office Milk Delivery

Office Milk Delivery


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