Do Happy Cups offer on-site washing?

Currently we collect the dirty cups to be washed at our purpose built facilities where we can work with better hygiene standards and operate sustainable machinery to reduce the overall carbon footprint. We are constantly monitoring the quality of on-site washing machines but so far, unfortunately there’s nothing on the market that makes this a […]

Do Happy Cups wash the cups?

Yes! We offer a washing service for your cups post event. It’s good to organise this in advance in case we are very busy and important to get them washed as soon after use to ensure they are clean and dry for the next event. Due to transport costs we usually only offer this service […]

How many times can the cups be washed?

All our cups are high quality and built to last, meaning they can be washed hundreds of times. They are dishwasher friendly and perfectly fine in regular dishwashers on standard settings. Full colour cups will not fade although over a long period of time this may occur a little with the single colour screen printed […]

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