Why use Our Eco-Cups at your Festival or Event?

Deposit Scheme

Customers pay a deposit for the printed re-useable eco-cup, usually £1 to £2. The customer then returns the cup for another drink, returns the cup for the deposit to be returned or takes the cup home as a momento of the festival or event.

Make your next Festival a Greener event

Less rubbish to clear up and dispose of, less landfill.


Our cups are sturdier than disposable plastic cups and easier to carry


Eco-cups can be printed will full colour images and logos

Customers love them

They are a great souvenir for people to take home after the event

Reduce your costs

Clean up times are drastically reduced

Less queuing

With our handled eco-cups people tend to purchase larger rounds

CE Marked

All of our re-usable branded cups can be CE marked to ensure you conform with legislation at your event.


The cups are dishwasher safe and so can be washed an re-used.

Shatter Resistant

Our branded glasses are shatter resistant, perfect for outdoor events.

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