Do my Pint Glasses need to be CE marked for a Festival

It is required by law to have your glasses officially CE marked (Conformité Européenne, which is French for “European Conformity.” ) if you are using your cups in licensed establishments, such as pubs, restaurants, beer festivals and cider festival etc. This ensures that you are complying with the laws on the service of alcohol – […]

Re-usable Plastic Printed Cups for Hotels and the Leisure Industry

Printed Christmas Party Glasses With Company Logo or Branding

Re-usable Branded Cups for Hotels and the Leisure Industry Not only do we supply Festivals with Branded, Re-usable Plastic Cups but we also supply Hotels and Leisure locations including Golf Clubs and Societies. They can be printed with your hotel logo or branding in anything from 1 colour to full colour If you would like […]

Branded Plastic Cups for Festivals.

Our cups are a great alternative to disposable plastic cups used at Festivals across they world. Our cups are made of Polycarbonate so they are rigid and shatterproof. They can be fully branded with your custom design or logo and you can increase your revenue and reduce the waste and clean up times with our […]

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